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Higher res, no watermark.

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when the teacher asks you to answer the question because you weren’t paying attention but you know the answer


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Icons for you and that special someone. 

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US retailer Target is currently selling the Nintendo 2DS with Pokemon X pre-installed for the ultra cheap price of $99.99. If you’re not after a Nintendo 2DS then it should be noted that they are also giving away $40 gift cards with any Nintendo 3DS XL purchased.

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yooooo friends. get that!!!

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I see. This. Yes. This thing in my hand is the heart?

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Doubt (-ダウト- Dauto?), also known as Rabbit Doubt (ラビット·ダウト Rabitto Dauto?), is a shōnen horror manga written and illustrated by Yoshiki Tonogai. The series focuses on the “Rabbit Doubt” cell phone game, with rules similar to Mafia. The players must find the wolf, or killer, amongst their group of rabbits as they are picked off one-by-one. Six players of this game find themselves trapped in a building with one of the group already dead; to avoid the same fate, the remaining five must play a real-life game of “Rabbit Doubt” and find the wolf (liar)hiding among them.

It’s been a long while since a manga has kept me turning the pages to see what happens next.

also Yoshiki Tonogai's manga Judge is worth checking out!


KICK-ASS 3 #1 variant covers



It Took Seven Years To Make An Indie RPG So Good-Looking

Its creator started working on Platformer/RPG Heart Forth, Alicia in 2007. The result is an aesthetically beautiful game with a complex story, a detailed world and what looks to be pretty damn fun gameplay. Sadly, it’s still not done.P

Inspired by the likes of Zelda, Xenogears and Castlevania (Symphony of the Night, specifically), Heart Forth, Alicia recounts tale of a young wizard-slash-warrior girl trying to save the world from ultimate evil.

On top of that, we’ve got the familiar metroidvania-RPG fare: a large, connected world, steady character progression, loot, side quests, crafting, and so on. There’s a little bit of that in the trailer above, if you can notice it while you’re gawking at the art.P

As I mentioned, the game is still unfinished, which is why it was put on Kickstarter—it already managed to collect over $3,000 in just four hours, impressively enough. That’s five percent funding. In four hours. I foresee a bright future for this one. Should the campaign succeed,Heart Forth, Alicia is promised to arrive on PC in one year, in May 2015.P

Heart Forth, Alicia [Kickstarter]